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Formforge is an avant-garde design studio where art intersects with function to reimagine and redefine spaces.
At the core of Formforge's philosophy lies the ambition to disrupt conventional art forms by integrating contemporary, asymmetric art with modern design principles

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Artworks that are visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and timeless

Founded by Abhinav Goyal, the studio’s approach to design and fabrication is rooted in the integration of technology that transcends traditional design limitations by exploring infinite possibilities within a given parameter.

The studio’s narrative is governed by a context and its storyline, ensuring that every installation is not just unique but a singular, extraordinary experience.

The use of advanced design tools in harmony with human craftsmanship ensures that each piece is unique, embodying the studio’s vision of crafting spaces and experiences that inspire and captivate.

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Team of Creators

We love to design handcrafted interiors and think outside of the box on each of our project.

Mark Graves


Cathy Porras

Art Director

George Tailey

UI Designer

Anabel Bowling

Product Manager

Ray Hernandez

Senior Developer

Mark Newman

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Interior Agency of the Year

Best Interior Design Solution

Multicultural Agency of the Year


Best Industrial Object Design

Creative Landscape Composition


Agency of the Year

Best Digital Solution

Production Company of the Year

Design Agency of the Year


Creative Landscape Composition

Best Interior Design Solution

Multicultural Agency of the Year

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